Oven Roasted

Oven Roasted Beef Tendertipz
A natural treat your dog will love!
Tarter Buster Bone
Tartar Buster Bone – a Petz International original product. We have the trademark to prove it. This treat is designed to keep dogs’ teeth free of plaque buildup to ensure healthy gums and fresh breath. A best-selling treat, Tartar Busters are dry oven-roasted and packed with flavour.
Beef Ribs
All natural 100% Canadian beef ribs are available in small and large sizes. Tasty and long lasting! Slowly roasted to retain their natural flavour and nutrition.
Beef Bones
Very flavourful and available in 4 sizes. All very tasty and long lasting. Absolute bliss for Fido! Available in 3-cut, 4”-5”, 5”-6” and 7”-9” bones.
Meaty Knuckles
A nice size treat for your Medium to Large breed dog. These bones will keep your dog busy for a long time. One simple ingredient: BEEF!
Giant Femur Bone
Our biggest bone, designed to satisfy any large breed dog. This 100% Canadian Beef bone allows dogs to indulge in their natural urge to chew.
Real Beef Jerky
Mmmmm Jerky! All natural 100% pure beef jerky, made from real beef strips. You may be tempted to eat them yourself, but save them for Fido!
Pizzles, pizzles and more pizzles! A dog’s favourite! 100% beef! Oven-roasted to perfection. Great for cleaning teeth and gums for all breed sizes
Beef Hooves
Beef hooves provide a long-lasting chew for all breed sizes. They are safely trimmed and very tasty. Your dog will love them!
Pork Ears
100% natural, pork ears are the perfect treat for dogs who like to chew. They provide an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids to maintain skin and coat health.
Pork Ear Strips
A great source of protein, ear strips help promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. Great portion size for any breed of dog.

Important Notes:
Supervise pets while feeding treats or bones, dispose of when it becomes a choking hazard for your dog. Ensure you’re offering the right size bones to your dog – if you are unsure check with your Veterinarian. And always offer plenty of fresh water to drink.